Now that we have hit the three-year anniversary of GDPR taking effect, it seems an especially fitting time to reflect on its impact, along with similar privacy laws in the United States that followed in its wake. As General Counsel of a tech company, I can say that adapting to these regulations closely resembles the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Eventually, winners in the market will be those companies that genuinely are committed to meeting the increasing expectations of regulators and consumers. That is my personal belief. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that for…

By Karen Kramer

Much as the rise of the Gutenberg press transformed communication and ushered in vast societal changes, the rise of the Internet continues to transform communication and society today. It is helpful to think of “the media” as having undergone several distinct phases, each bringing about profound changes in the transmission of ideas. Each phase has raised new challenges and considerations for how speech should be regulated, or not.

Understanding this historical framework can help address some burning questions of the day in media law. This framework can help answer where to draw the line of responsibility or…

Image courtesy of Grant Kramer-Weis

For many of us, we cannot say goodbye to 2020 soon enough. What a year it has been!

As we approach the New Year, it is a good time to reflect on what 2020 brought for us:

At the victory speech for the 2020 presidential election, nothing looked more victorious to me than the pantsuit of Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. It simultaneously represented nothing and everything: no big deal that she could wear a pantsuit on a formal occasion like this and everything that she could wear the pantsuit on an occasion like this. No eyebrows raised over that.

When I was a young attorney, recently graduated from Stanford law school, things were very different. Upon graduation, I clerked for a federal district court judge, an appointee of President Clinton, in New York City. …

The pandemic gifted me the opportunity to give gray a chance. Long ago, I started coloring my hair, the same jet black color I grew up with, for a timeless look. One problem with jet black hair, though, is that salt and pepper roots stand out — loudly. This kept me coming back, in increasingly shorter intervals, for a color fix, like a coffee addict to Starbucks.

Then came the pandemic, where haircuts went the way of any pants-other-than-yoga. At first, my Zoom calls for work hid the roots well. No one can see the top or back of my…

Karen Kramer

Lawyer and technology executive who finds spirituality in nature and understands that parenting is not for the faint of heart.

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